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Chartered Accountants

Boutique Financial is the switched on Chartered Accountants firm you're looking for.

We're all about nurturing business brilliance. By fusing your spark and ambition with our financial smarts your business can't help but hum ... and a humming business means that endorphin rush when everyone loves doing business with you, offers are heaping up to buy your business and you're becoming a hero not only at home but also by helping our economy grow. We believe our innovative little nation of businesses has what it takes to be world beaters if we nuture our tall poppies right.

Everything we do is targeted at making your accounting easier by condensing staggering amounts of information into simple strategies to get your business ahead. By getting together regularly, with some of New Zealand's best accounting minds, you'll open up opportunities and head off problems in a way that can't be achieved by just doing your tax return and annual accounts once a year.

Our revolutionary Think-Tanks, Rising-Star sessions, Business-Intelligence reports and iPhone friendly online accounting packages will make you rethink Accountants!

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