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Fringe Benefit Tax on company carPutting a sign on your car gets you out of paying fringe benefit tax right?  Well not necessarily and that sign might just give the Inland Revenue the edge on hunting you down if you’re not doing everything right. You may as well tattoo a great big bulls-eye on your vehicle making yourself an easy target for the IRD investigators who may be watching you launching your boat on a glorious Coromandel day or spoiling yourself with a shopping splurge.  Sadly you’re not even safe Christmas shopping as one young mum discovered while parking her sign written Ute at Auckland’s Two-Double-Seven car park.

To keep yourself safe and to make sure you don’t pay (more…)

Magic number for business growth

September 19th, 2011 | Posted by Accountants Auckland in Business Growth | Chartered Accountant Auckland - (Comments Off on Magic number for business growth)

Accounting growth magic numberMum might’ve taught you the magic word but did she teach you the magic number? Chances are that you’re blind to your magic number if business is crazy busy and you’re operating in a haze of exhaustion without earning enough. Think of the magic number as finding your business sweet-spot so you won’t have to work as hard for better results.

All it takes is focussing on exactly how much of your sales you actually get to keep and enjoy. This is pure magic because it’s the play money that buys those guilt free shopping sprees or the blissful days chilling with friends and family without money worries lurking around too. (more…)