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Shopping for Accountants in Auckland

October 7th, 2011 | Posted by Accountants Auckland in Accountant in Auckland | Chartered Accountant Auckland - (Comments Off on Shopping for Accountants in Auckland)

Shopping for Accountants in AucklandWith zillions of Auckland Accountants out there how do you find the best Accountant in Auckland for you?

First off, make sure you actually find an Accountant!  Sounds daft doesn’t it but there are plenty of accounting firms out there which aren’t even accountants.  One really well known accounting firm even has some pricey little telly adverts (complete with celebrity endorsements) but anyone can buy one of their franchises (even you!). Scary huh!  (more…)

envDisaster-proof your business financials by uploading your bills to Xero Accounting Software.  Volcanic eruption, fire, flood, or mega-quake, your business records will be safely stored off site and ready to go. All it takes is entering your bills through Xero’s Accounts-Payable and clicking Attach-a-file.  Most smart businesses email their bills so the only slightly painful bit will be scanning a handful of old fashioned paper ones but it’ll be well worth it (especially when it’s free storage and means no more horrible bits of paper to file). (more…)