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Fancy Jam and Scones with the IRD?

February 3rd, 2017 | Posted by Accountants Auckland in Chartered Accountants Auckland - (Comments Off on Fancy Jam and Scones with the IRD?)

mWe may all grumble about the IRD but you know what?  They’re actually pretty good sports at heart.  They regularly hand out great big head-starts to who they’re targeting and they’re pretty open about it too.  All you need to do is read between those fluffy warm lines to see who “they’re after”.  Take this recent release for example.  It almost sounds as if you’ll be enjoying Jam and Scones with Nana but it’s really just their way of announcing open season on cafes, restaurants, takeaway stores and hotels so if you’re in the hospitality industry consider yourself warned.  Perhaps even sort out those holes in your tax records now (before they turn up, scone-less)!


So often accounting articles are dull old things forewarning nothing but doom so we wanted to shake things up and really celebrate ‘the joy of business‘ with you this month.

  • One of the best things about our job, as chartered accountants, is being insiders within some pretty amazing businesses.  We love seeing you do well and are thrilled to have one of our clients named in the latest Fast50 business awards and another exhibiting their work in Time Square recently.
  • Confidentiality prohibits us from sharing all your successes but every single one of you deserves major congrats for being among the first, in New Zealand, to start signing tax returns electronically.  It’s hardly surprising because you were also some of the first using Xero, back when we founded Boutique Financial almost ten years ago.

Ten years!  What have we learned in that time (apart from the trauma of updating headshots after so long)?  We’ll leave you with a few light-hearted comments we’ve picked up along the way …

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