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Fancy Jam and Scones with the IRD?

February 3rd, 2017 | Posted by Accountants Auckland in Chartered Accountants Auckland

mWe may all grumble about the IRD but you know what?  They’re actually pretty good sports at heart.  They regularly hand out great big head-starts to who they’re targeting and they’re pretty open about it too.  All you need to do is read between those fluffy warm lines to see who “they’re after”.  Take this recent release for example.  It almost sounds as if you’ll be enjoying Jam and Scones with Nana but it’s really just their way of announcing open season on cafes, restaurants, takeaway stores and hotels so if you’re in the hospitality industry consider yourself warned.  Perhaps even sort out those holes in your tax records now (before they turn up, scone-less)!


From the IRD:

We want to make it as simple as possible for everyone to do the right thing.  So, in early February, we intend to visit a variety of businesses in the hospitality sector across New Zealand. Our focus for these visits is on helping businesses better understand the:

  • business records they should be keeping for tax purposes
  • first stage of our business transformation
  • online information and service options available to them.

Our visits should take less than ten minutes and all of our staff undertaking these visits will have identification to verify they work for Inland Revenue.

We’re looking forward to the visits and meeting our business owners face to face.

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