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Okay, we get it.  It’s not easy finding the motivation to pay tax. But if you don’t pay, the motivation is definitely going to find you (as seen in the grisly pic below)!  Apologies for that Dad joke, but please don’t forget to pay today unless you enjoy a good IRD mauling.

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tick tock clocksThe 7th of May is a rough day isn’t it.  All that money disappearing out of your bank account in a giant lumpy heap.  But the only thing that makes today worse is if you get so busy you forget to pay.  Even if you meant to pay and it completely slipped your mind the IRD will instantly ping you with horrific penalties which you have a ridiculously slim chance of ever escaping.  We’ve even had clients hospitalised with Heart failure and that wasn’t a good enough excuse for our beloved tax department.

Thankfully though we have a clever solution which lets you buy back-dated tax.  Okay, so there’s far more exciting things to buy than tax but buying back-dated tax puts money back in your pocket by killing off the late payment penalties.  Even better the price tag of tax-financing is generally less than what you’d pay in IRD interest so it’s well worth doing if you do somehow miss a chunky tax payment.

If buying tax seems like something that’d work for you, please let us know and you can either chat directly to our tax financing partners or pay us to do it for you because, if you’re honest, us taking care of everything will be a lot less painful than them firing questions at you which only we know the answers to.

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