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As many of you know we’re just back from Jordan (that place beside Syria) so what better time to release our travel newsletter, with its usual edge of humour to offset the academia.  Understandably the accounting industry tends to lack humour and I doubt very much that travel review websites, like trip advisor, were invented to provide comic relief either but they seem to have achieved it nonetheless.  Some of the most entertaining reviews I’ve read will unfortunately be etched in my brain for life … particularly the unlucky traveller who, while enjoying a quiet drink by the pool, was “spewed on from the balcony above” and the couple furious about sharing their room with “Midgets” (in their words, not mine).  Ignoring typo’s (such as Midges*) what you post on public forums matters especially when you’re on a business trip. What most people don’t realise is that submitting reviews and posting business updates, on social media platforms, can really strengthen your travel claim when you’re facing off against an IRD investigator.  It can also work against you so read on for more tips:





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Have you ever tried to read a volume of tax legislation?  It’s like a Twistaplot where the ending is always no.  Even seasoned law students are regularly horrified by how tough the tax paper is at Otago University. Amusing then, isn’t it, that your average tom, dick and harry thinks tax is easy and that telling a darn good story will let them claim whatever they like. Personally I love a great story but have you ever tried telling a tearjerker to a computer?  Essentially the IRD is one large computer system chock a block with tax law, devoid of human emotion and logic.  So no matter how touching (or delusional) your story may be, if it doesn’t fit neatly into a box at the IRD, the computer will inevitably say no.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of our all time favourite “doozy” stories below (which have absolutely no regard for tax law whatsoever but make for more amusing reading than tax compliant tales).  Are you guilty of these financial fibs?

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