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Why Business-Bashing is uncool

June 14th, 2012 | Posted by Wendy Simpson-Fox in Chartered Accountant Auckland | Xero Accountant / Zero Accountants

stock-photo-17938930-ground-crackGiving things a bit of a bash seems to be part of our culture; whether it’s on the sports field, smashing down walls DIY style, or our rural youth beating up unsuspecting farm mailboxes.  Our largest city gets its fair share too with some good natured Auckland-bashing but does Business-bashing take it too far?

At the risk of sounding like a dated pop song, business bashing is all around us, it’s everywhere we go.  The media helps it along by giving airtime to the likes of some overheated student demanding business pay more tax to give tertiary students a free lunch (oops, I mean ‘education’).  They may as well bang on their neighbours door and extort cash because that’s what business mainly is in this country; lots of Mum and Dad businesses (often struggling to buy their own lunch) not some evil thing that prints money.

Free lunch is great if you can afford it and while I’d love the welfare benefits of a country like Denmark I’m not altogether convinced their 63% tax rate is right for New Zealand.  What we really need to do is give business a Makeover.  We have Mothers Day and Waitangi Day so why not a special day to celebrate all the good business does for this country.

Business provides us with the things we love to buy, generates jobs, supports the Arts, gives employees a sense of purpose and increases the tax-take which ultimately means the country gets to buy the things it loves like more teachers, subsidised prescriptions, paid parental leave and (dare I say it) even Politician’s lunches!


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