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10,000 wasted mouse clicks in Xero

December 8th, 2011 | Posted by Wendy Simpson-Fox in Accountant in Auckland | Chartered Accountant Auckland | Xero Accountant / Zero Accountants - (Comments Off on 10,000 wasted mouse clicks in Xero)

TickLove Xero accounting software because it feels a little like you’re playing an eighties spacey-game clocking up the points by clicking away at the okay button and getting that lovely big tick when everything’s reconciled?  Well we reckon it’s those nifty features that make Xero so much better than the other stale accounting packages out there but just keep in mind that thoughtless and frantic mouse clicking will be super expensive if your Accountant has to come along and undo all your joyful little clicks if you make a right mess of things.  (more…)

Tax smart client & staff gifts

December 1st, 2011 | Posted by Wendy Simpson-Fox in Claiming Business expenses | Fringe Benefit Tax | Gift - (1 Comments)

GiftWith New Zealand ranked as one of the most giving nations in the World you’d be forgiven for thinking that our tax laws encourage such generosity.  Instead, the rules around business gifts are tricky and mean that every time you give a gift you have to work out whether it goes in your staff wages return, needs Fringe Benefit Tax paid on it or if you’ll only get a tax deduction for half the gift (entertainment).

Ridiculous isn’t it, so to help you out here’s what you need to know about a few common client and staff gifts: